PROUD AMERICAN BBQ is a Veteran Owned Business.  It was established for many reasons; the most important was to create a way to  support the military and to become involved with community and charitable organizations for fund raising opportunities.

After retiring from 26 years of Military Service with the United States Navy as a Submariner, and working several years after in a position which supports Submarine Safety, Mike together with his wife Lisa made the decision to pursue his passion for BBQ, perfect his BBQ Sauce, and utilize Lisa's many years of experience in the food and beverage industry to go after the "American Dream".

The two temporarily relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and purchased a 24 foot mobile food trailer and PROUD AMERICAN BBQ was established.

 Keep your eye out for them.


MADE IN AMERICA/USA products when available.

Our menu items are MSG FREE.

​Our menu items are also GLUTEN FREE, with the exception of our bread used for the sandwiches.

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